Maine Street Events


Maine Street Events is happy to work with you through any and all of the steps your event needs. Choices range from any to all of the following:

Creative Event Planning

  • Concept planning and program design
  • Event timeline
  • Program development (script writing, entertainment, sound, lighting, and stage design)
  • Graphic design elements (logo, website, branding)
  • Site design and layout
  • Room decor and floral design

Event Management

  • Communications, promotional planning
  • Budget planning and timeline management
  • Venue contract negotiations and management
  • Ticket sales and revenue management
  • Catering and food services management
  • Concessions and vendor management
  • Logistics management - public safety, traffic and parking, transportation, crowd control, emergency and security planning
  • Staffing needs

Marketing & Media Services

  • Communications, media relations and PR management
  • Printed materials, production design and management
  • Strategic community relations planning

Other Services

  • Sponsorship package development, solicitation and contracts
  • Fundraising, friend raising, educational event strategic planning
  • Board and volunteer training
  • Entertainment selection and contract management
  • Revenue tracking, collection, invoicing and reporting
  • Menu and catering selection and management
  • Vendor and exhibitor contracting and management
  • Database management

Sound Engineering

Maine Street Events is pleased to offer an in house PA system and DJ Services. Often events require simple background entertainment and an occasional public Address system. Maine Street Events is happy to offer the Sound Engineering services of DJ Jean Eno. He can spin your music choices, your MP3’s and provide tasteful ambience for your gala. Please contact us for more information.

Fee Schedule

We work hard to find creative ways to develop event budgets with cost-efficient and cost-effective methods. Each event comes with its own set of challenges from a budgetary standpoint, but that doesn’t mean you should feel limited. We enjoy finding the best resources in Maine at the best value.
Maine Street Events consults with you at the beginning of your event planning to determine your needs, find the best fit with our services and to be within your desired budget.

Hourly Consultation

Maine Street Events is happy to meet with you and your event planning committee to provide needed advice and direction to get you on your way to a great event, including event design, creation of task list & general counsel.

Event Service Providers Research & Coordination

Let Maine Street Events research vendors, availability, create a budget plan and compile the details for you to take over.

Day of Event Management

Maine Street Events can help you enjoy your event by providing timeline creation & review, vendor check in, communication & management, load-in, setup, obstacle prevention & problem solving, timeline management, direction, supervision & overall day of onsite coordination.

Full Event Coordination

Maine Street Events is excited to work with you in the initial to plan your event overview and then provide vendor research & sourcing, contract procurement and management, communication liaison for sponsors, vendors, event design, timeline generation, and provide professional advice. We can turn your ideas into a tasteful, harmonious whole. Ensure that your instructions are carried out by using Maine Street Events as the point of contact for all of your service providers.