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Maine Street Events is here to help with the planning, logistics, theme and design of your event. We are committed to creating solutions tailored to your needs. Maine Street Events understands that our clients have day jobs and should be focused on their job, Yet when it comes to planning a major event for your organization, the event often overshadows your job.

We meet with our clients to discuss the event, the planning needs, the desired outcome, get to know each other better and then continue the collaboration throughout the planning process. We are happy to have initial meetings over the phone, and to start our dialogue through e-mail.

At Maine Street Events we focus on friendly, approachable and professional service. If at any time if you have questions, please ask, we are here to make your event become a reality. We understand that each individual client's needs are unique and we offer any combination of the following choices so that you may customize the services that best suit your needs.

Corporate/Non-Profit Event Planning

As you begin developing your corporate event, consider involving Maine Street Events in the planning process. We can provide insight about the Mid Coast Maine area that will help in your strategic thinking process, and it’s always nice to have a local event designer that can explain the realm of possibility.

Our first job as event designers is to listen. We want to hear about your situation, goals, strategy and anticipated outcome. As we listen, we’ll consider how to make the planning process easier for you.

Next, we take all the information you have shared and put together a plan that will help you achieve great results. We work to find the best possible resources, event design products and supplies.

Maine Street Events will coordinate, design, manage, and deliver an event which reflects your company goals and vision, drawing upon our extensive knowledge of the Mid Coast Maine area and our outstanding array of resources, vendors, and partners. Our job is to create an event that your guests and marketplace will talk about for years to come. We do this by listening, collecting as much information about your company, employees, guests, customers, competitors, and marketplace trends as possible.

From innovative strategy meetings and teambuilding events, to awards celebrations and incentive programs, your corporate event is an investment, not just an expense. Maine Street Events works with you and your staff to plan the perfect event that will add value, convey the right message, and build your company brand. In today's economy, there is no other way to strategically think about event budgets.

You will work directly with our staff from start to finish, and together we will customize your company event from beginning to end. We're committed to providing what is needed to make your company shine in the limelight of a well-planned, truly distinctive event.

Social Event Planning

Planning an upcoming event? Perhaps you wish to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, graduation or just hold a social event? After taking into account your desires, your guest's comfort and your budget, we will guide you to make your event the absolute best it can be! We believe in infusing the event with your personality, which is the unique challenge of planning each event, but the payoff is a "personal" celebration that will be enjoyed and remembered along with the special event it is marking. As you contemplate whether or not to hire an event planner; let us share with you some of the benefits of allowing us to plan and execute your event:

  • We will provide you with fresh design ideas to give your event a signature look and will keep it on "theme" from invitations to parting favors.
  • Event planning is extremely detail oriented, therefore time consuming and can be overwhelming if it is not something you are used to or enjoy doing. For us, it is a pleasure and it will show.
  • Our familiarity with area vendors allows us to introduce you to the very best. We are proud of our relationships with local caterers, florists, photographers, entertainers and venues and our ability to bring them together as a team, committed to your event.
  • We will work to negotiate the best possible rates with all event vendors, utilizing our detailed vendor agreement contract to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Event timing and sequencing is complicated, but our experience will ensure your event is planned strategically so it flows smoothly.
  • Our on-site coordination will direct all vendors, ensure proper set-up, allowing you to enjoy your event with family and friends, while it is executed as planned.
  • Or, if you’ve planned, cooked and readied everything, maybe you just need some party staff so you can enjoy the party too! We can do that!